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Values, Principles and Goals

At McCarter Electric, safety in all of our operations is not just a corporate goal; it is a requirement. The safety and well-being of all employees is our first consideration throughout all phases of work.

Technician and Computer

In-House Training

We take safety so seriously that we have invested in vast resources to become certified to provide in-house training. This allows us to maximize the knowledge and precautions of our employees under any circumstance. Current training classes we offer to our employees include:
• 10- and 30-Hour OSHA Classes
• Confined Space Training
• Forklift and Aerial Platform Training
• MSHA (Mining Safety) Training
• CPR/First-Aid Training
• ARC Flash Training
• GHS Training

Fundamental Principles

Appropriate Programs Need to Be Implemented to Protect Employee Health and Safety to Prevent Injuries and Incidents

Occupational Injuries and Illnesses Are Preventable

Management Seeks to Define, Initiate, and Maintain Programs and Procedures to Prevent Injuries and Illnesses

Continuing Scrutiny of Programs and on-Going Employee Training and Education in Occupational Health and Safety Are Essential Program Elements

Company Goals

Minimize Health and Safety Risks by Providing Safe and Healthful Work Environments, Preventing Unsafe Acts, and Controlling Exposures to Health and Safety Hazards in the Workplace

Provide and Assure That Appropriate Health and Safety Programs Exist and Are in Place

Control Health Hazards in the Workplace and Assure That Employees Are Informed of Hazards and How to Protect Themselves from Overexposure

Maintain Medical Records in a Confidential Manner

Assure That All Managers and Employees Have Received Orientation and Training in Health, Safety, and Environmental Protection Matters

Require That All Health, Safety, Environmental Protection and Loss Control Practices, Standards, Laws and Regulations Be Observed Relating to People, Facilities, Materials, Processes, Waste and the Environment

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